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Five Reflections About 21st Century Socialism

Five Reflections About 21st Century Socialism By Marta Harnecker (Marta Harnecker and five other Marxist authors from different countries were invited to participate in this reflection by the editors Al Campbell and David Laibman, who prepared a set of five questions. This paper written in July 2011 presents her contribution with some foot notes that does not appear in the… Read more →

Iceland’s loud No

Iceland’s loud No By Silla Sigurgeirsdóttir and Robert H Wade(The small island of Iceland has lessons for the world. It held a referendum in April to decide, more or less, whether ordinary people should pay for the folly of the bankers (and by extension, could governments control the corporate sector if they depended on it for finance). Sixty per cent… Read more →

The left in Pakistan: a brief history

The left in Pakistan: a brief history By Farooq Sulehria (The left movement in Pakistan traces its origins to the Indian communist movement. The Indian communist movement in turn drew its inspiration from Russian revolutions of 1905 and October 1917. Lenin himself paid considerable attention to India, and, long before him, Karl Marx showed a great interest in what he… Read more →

Writers’ Panic

Writers’ Panic By Jenny Diski (The hideous cloud of productivity now looms over all our lives. It seems that actual writers use productivity apps to get on with their articles and books. Helen Oyeyemi advises writers to download the Write or Die app onto their computer (or does she write on an iPhone?). In ‘kamikaze mode’, if you stop writing… Read more →

Marx in Manto

Marx in Manto By Denis Dutton (A few years after Saadat Hasan Manto’s untimely death in January 1955, Pakistan’s government was replaced in a military coup, with the approval of the United States, and the coup-maker proclaimed with brutal honesty, “As far as I am concerned, the only embassy which matters is the American embassy.” One wishes that Pakistan’s parliamentary… Read more →

Sectarianism Versus Ecumenism: The Case of V.I. Lenin

Sectarianism Versus Ecumenism: The Case of V.I. Lenin By Roland Boer (Was Lenin, as the standard interpretations would have it, a sectarian who sought to destroy all who disagreed with him? Or did he also display ecumenist tendencies alongside, or in tension with, his sectarian bent? Is there perhaps a deeper relation between sectarianism and ecumenism in his work?) more… Read more →

Pranab Mukherjee as Finance Minister

Pranab Mukherjee as Finance Minister By Jayati Ghosh (It is a sad, ironic – and surprisingly little noticed – fact that when a Finance Minister of a developing country gets recognized as “Best Finance Minister” by some international media outlet or a similar agency, within a few years that country has a financial crisis. This is obviously not intentional –… Read more →

Jack London, California Cannabis Pioneer

Jack London, California Cannabis Pioneer By Dale Gieringer (In that bygone era, “marihuana” was still unknown to the American public.1 Pharmacies did however carry preparations of cannabis indica, a familiar ingredient of the 19th century pharmacopoeia used for coughs, migraines, and other complaints.More rarely, cannabis could be had in the concentrate form known s “hasheesh,” an exotic intoxicant indulged in… Read more →

PAUL ROBESON, a brief biography

PAUL ROBESON, a brief biography(Paul Robeson was a famous African-American athlete, singer, actor, and advocate for the civil rights of people around the world. He rose to prominence in a time when segregation was legal in the United States, and Black people were being lynched by racist mobs, especially in the South.Born on April 9, 1898 in Princeton, New Jersey,… Read more →

Living Legends: An Interview With Howard Gardner, Part I

Living Legends: An Interview With Howard Gardner, Part I By Matthew Lynch, Ed.D.(On Christmas Eve 2011, I came up with the idea of developing an interview series entitled “Living Legends,” to spotlight people who are considered to be at the avant garde of their respective fields. Developing the concept was easy, but I couldn’t decide who to ask to do… Read more →

The American People Are Angry

The American People Are Angry By Bernie Sanders(They are angry because they are living through the worst recession since the great depression.Unemployment is not 8.2%, real unemployment is closer to 15%.Young people who are graduating high school and graduating college, they’re going out into the world, they want to become independent, they want to work, and there are no jobs.)… Read more →

Interviews – Wim Wenders

Interviews – Wim Wenders Interviewed By Michael Coles(Wim Wenders was born in Dusseldorf, Germany, in 1945. While studying as a painter in Paris during the late ’60s he became “addicted” to moviegoing and started to write about what he saw. Aside from this visual education, he also credits rock ‘n’ roll as a significant influence on his work; his desire… Read more →

Truth, Beauty and Goodness: an Interview with Dr. Howard Gardner

Truth, Beauty and Goodness: an Interview with Dr. Howard Gardner By Peter DeWitt(We live in an increasingly complicated world. Some of us have a moral compass that is shaped by our experiences. We all have our own opinions on what truth, beauty and goodness means. However, we also meet people who have diverse opinions of those three virtues and thus… Read more →

Interviews – Walker Percy

Interviews – Walker Percy Interviewed by Robyn Leary(A physician turned philosopher turned novelist, Walker Percy (1916-1990) was a towering figure in the world of arts and letters. His body of work includes six novels, three works of nonfiction, and numerous scholarly articles. Percy received critical acclaim throughout his writing career: his first work of fiction, The Moviegoer, earned the National… Read more →

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