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Suniti Kumar Ghosh, 1918-2014

Suniti Kumar Ghosh, 1918-2014

Suniti Kumar Ghosh died on May 11, at the age of 96. It is not a passing to be mourned but a life, rich and meaningful, to be celebrated. On the face of it, his life had two major phases: the first was one of direct political activity; the second was of research and writing. He became closely associated with… Read more →

Bosnia in revolt

Adam Blanden asks whether the social movement can win in the Balkans   Not long after the first stirrings of revolt began in Tuzla last month, the western liberal press was already lining up to praise the boldness of the Bosnian people. As they spread to Sarajevo, targeting the western-backed federal government along with the ‘neo-colonial’ Office of the High… Read more →

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