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‘The enemy is within’ – Ukrainian left speak out

Masked and armed, the individuals who attacked the police nearly all had armbands with the neo-Nazi wolf’s hook symbol, linking them to the far-right Social-National Assembly. Photo via Drugoi Can you introduce yourself and the website? Yes, please. Kolesnik Dmitry – co-editor of Ukrainian left site It’s one of the largest Ukrainan leftwing resources. We have been working for… Read more →

Gandhi-Ambedkar Interface …when shall the twain meet?

Gandhian and Ambedkarian discourses are not antithetical.Both are concerned with the issue of emancipation. At present when the legitimacy of the emancipatory discourse is being challenged and the dominant discourse upholds capitalism,it is all the\more\ essential to broaden the scope of Gandhian and Ambedkarian discourses. Read the complete Article

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