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Extracts from “Socialism” by Fernando Martinez Heredia*

*Cuban essayist and winner of the National Prize for Social Sciences in Cuba. Presenting this work in this way does it an injustice, but I think that the general ideas contained in these extracts are of great interest to anyone who thinks of themselves as a socialist, or at least as an anticapitalist. In the essay Fernando Martinez looks over… Read more →

The Future of Collective Bargaining: Challenging “Management Prerogatives” Again

Recent experiences suggest that the generations-old practice of collective bargaining as the normal, if not dominant, method of negotiating the terms of unionized employment is losing its legitimacy.  Notoriously, upon taking office in January 2010, Wisconsin’s Governor Walker introduced a bill to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights.  Despite a massive upheaval and a series of electoral and… Read more →

Bosnia in revolt

Adam Blanden asks whether the social movement can win in the Balkans   Not long after the first stirrings of revolt began in Tuzla last month, the western liberal press was already lining up to praise the boldness of the Bosnian people. As they spread to Sarajevo, targeting the western-backed federal government along with the ‘neo-colonial’ Office of the High… Read more →

South Sudan Facing Famine Crisis

3.7 million people in this nation of 11 million are at severe risk of starvation. Conditions in South Sudan now parallel those of Ethiopia in the 1980s when hundreds of thousands died from famine. Toby Lanzer, the UN official coordinating humanitarian aid in South Sudan says “we’re in a race against time”. Aside from the urgent immediate need the civil… Read more →

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